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Remember when shopping at those big box stores that just because it may be cheaper, doesn't mean you really need it. Because while it may not cost much in terms of dollars, it will cost you in the square feet it takes up, and every inch counts. So ultimately you actually ARE paying rent on that thing you thought was so groovy.

We seem happy to drag stuff home because it's new and we can't wait to see how it will look. But when it doesn't work out or we get board with it, we're not as happy to get rid of it even when we don't even like it. So in truth we get used to becomes a kind of an enabeling comfort zone and then a habit. That's how we end up accommodating things we don't even care about as they crowd us in and literally rob us of breathing space. Ultimately our daily quality of life slowly diminishes as we get used to chaos. RightSIZING is a continual effort to reprioritize. It's about asking yourself, is that thing there really improving the quality of my life? Is it worth the space I pay to keep it there? As we develop a new distaste for clutter and begin physically changing our living space, we also begin the emotional reinvention process too. We start the healing process from the outside in. How cool is that?

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