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About Us

Emmy winning desigher Christopher Lowell
Since 1996, Christopher Lowell has been President, CEO and sole owner of all his companies, intellectual properties and signature branded licenses.  
In 2019, Christopher consolidated all his companies under the single new umbrella, Lifestyle Lab LLC.  
In 2020, at the onset of COVID, it was decided that all combined efforts and initiatives would be redirected towards a better understanding of what our "New Normal" will be as we move forward.  "Only by learning to live more intentionally, can we then forge new habits. By doing so we can therefore develop a deeper appreciation for what "Quality Of Life" really means.   
Working together
In addition to our private think tank, Consortium POV, we also welcome collaboration with those who are willing to used their talents to inspire and motivate others at a time when our personal quality of life often seems most threatened.  We encourage those who share our nonpolitical philosophy (to use our gifts freely) to shed light on ignorance, encourage tolerance and help provide tools that can aid others as they rethink their own new normal lifestyle from the ground up.  As we artists know, nothing is more important than our inherent personal creativity.  It's the gateway to better enlightenment, stronger faith and the greatest antidote to stress we possess. So, we invite you to join us with either content sharing, new resources, or tools that can help average folks reconnect back to their own personal creativity which we know is life-changing. 
Our Team:
Lifestyle Lab works similar to the way a non-profit company does. We are a close knit ensemble of friends who believe in a shared philosophy.-- that we are responsible for the light that we receive.  We feel it's our responsibility to aid each other in our respective business, to put something authentic and uplifting out into the world irregardless of personal financial gain or social media impact.  Our collective narrative is one that encourages self reflection and personal awareness.  As a result, we try to take the often-abstract idea of human enlightenment through personal creativity and break it down into simple language, truths and tools that puts humanity front and center all times.     
Christopher Lowell is an Emmy winner for best how-to show
Laura McBride
Janet Newal of Lifestyle Lab
Lisanne Scafine
Christopher Lowell: designer

Laura McBride

Communications Director


As those nationally already know, talking and interacting with Laura is the next best thing to interfacing directly with Christopher. 

Laura has been a pivotal part of our team since it's inception.  Her ability to understand the varied needs of our viewers, readers and consumers, helped us connect the dots between commerce, education and entertainment in the most seamless way possible.  

Janet Newal

Web Master


Janet has been with the CL team since the beginning. She built our very first robust website at a time when other's thought is was a fad or simply didn't understand the power of the internet at the time.

As owner of her own business she was a trailblazer in the field mostly dominated by men.  Her ability to organize information for great impact and user friendly application has been a gift to us.   

Lisanne Scafine

Art Direction.



Lisanne brings a host of design skills to our table. Her clients range from small business owners to major blockbuster movies. From interiors to food to fashion, it seems that everything she touches, "smiles" making even the most mundane, 


Lisanne helps us get a million dollar look on minimal budgets while motivating us all to go the extra mile.  

Richard Madden

Original content and multimedia director.


If he looks a lot like 

Christopher Lowell it's because they are one in the same. Unbeknownst to most viewers, Richard has a 30 year history in the performing arts, and as head of his own ad agency, invented the term "visual marketing." In addition to hosting his 4 TV series, Lowell was also Executive producer, and in charge of all orinnal content for over 1,500 hours of award wining programming. 


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